Bringing Hope To Teens


Bringing Hope to Teens - A teen in forster care shares her incredible journey of hope with the Acker family!


Being a teenager in foster care can be very difficult.  Most people want babies or toddlers because they are more easy to take care of and trying to take care of a teenager who comes from a family with problems can be very trying.  But trust me it can make the biggest impact on that teenager.

​I was in foster care for 7 years and 5 of those years I was with an amazing family who helped me through so much.  It may be scary or difficult but it will be so worth it.  You can help that teenager achieve so many great things in their life.  Like maybe help them change their grades in school or even help them graduate high school.

​When I was growing up I never saw myself graduating high school because of how my home life was going.  But because two brave people decided they wanted to take in a teen, that they had no idea about, I graduated with straight A's!  With their encouragement and help, I was able to do things I thought I would never be able to accomplish.

​If you have ever considered maybe taking in a foster teen, do it, change that teenager's world and show them that someone does care about them.  In most cases, teens are still not the ones to blame for being in care.  Just like the babies and toddlers, it is usually because of our parents.  So please take a chance and foster a teen.  I'm not promising you that they will all be super easy cases but that shouldn't matter when a child's life is at stake.  Teens are just as important as the babies.  So, give a teen a chance.  It can be a very amazing experience.

- Kayla Van Horn